IPS | Quality Policy


Quality Policy

Infinity Power systems Energy adopts offering customers power electronic products that operate with reliable and advanced technology with competitive prices, holding pre- and after-sales customer satisfaction at the highest level and refusing to compromise quality as its Quality Policy.

To achieve this goal:-

Ensuring happiness and meeting needs and expectations of our customers, shareholders and all of our employees is the primary requirement to achieve our goals. Our decisions are made in accordance with legal requirements by our personnel who are highly self-confident, have adopted total sense of quality and are committed to their work.

  • Our company enables continuous improvement via all levels of improving studies with the participation of all employees and executives.
  • Suppliers who manufacture goods and offer services to our company are one of the most important elements influencing our product quality. We wish to improve our cooperation with our suppliers, each a significant part of our quality system, in mutual trust and unity.
  • We work with qualified personnel and distinguished suppliers and take responsibility of challenging engineering projects in order to be successful and maintain our motivation.
  • While we continue our R&D studies in power electronic sector, we aim to become the leading company in our country by carrying out projects with new technologies further beneficial to our society.

Our company is committed to offer products and services in line with national and international legal conditions that meet the needs and expectations of our customers both domestic and abroad.